Our new look is live, and hopefully here to stay!

It’s been a long weekend for us at Henshin Heroes. Not only have we been road-tripping as a family all weekend, Haruto has been hard at work redesigning and getting things to a more permanent state for Henshin Heroes. For whatever reason, the new logo (which was also our original working logo, funnily enough) didn’t upload with the appropriate resolution, and as such looks kind of pixelated. We’re torn on whether we like this potentially happy accident, and since the source file currently resides several hundred miles away, we’ll leave it as is for a day or two to see how it works out.

We came across a cache of Kamen Rider Ghost, Drive, and a handful of Zyuohger candy toys on our trip. We’ve got a haul shot live on IG and should hopefully have the actual product photos up in the next day or five.

Hopefully we’ll be arriving home tomorrow to a couple of new Ghost goodies, assuming the items arrive on time.

Until next time.