Random Thursday Update!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Things have been abuzz this week in Kamen Rider news and we’re coming up on some pretty major Zyuohger toy releases, and we haven’t been here to report any of it! I know, sleeping at the wheel again. I really promise we’re trying – our primary focus has been developing content and graphics for upcoming segments we’re going to be featuring and some back-end tweaks for the site to provide more content for you all to enjoy.

Things are heating up with Kamen Rider Ghost, fast approaching the 36th episode – Mugen Damashii has been revealed through the power of friendship and the show goes on! 

More details are emerging on the Kamen Rider Ghost Summer Movie, and we’ve gotten our first clue about the upcoming Kamen Rider series! The title Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has been registered, trademarked, and made public in Japan. Click here to view the full scoop from The Tokusatsu Network. Rumor has it (literally, rumors.. We’ve found no official confirmation yet) that Ex-Aid is to be ambulance themed. Me personally? I think this is a fantastic idea – why not have an ambulance themed Rider?  My dear Koyomi on the other hand, doesn’t seem quite as sold. She also hates Drive though, too… So, maybe there’s a connection.

I’ll admit that at this point, we’re pretty behind on Zyuohger. Our aim is to get caught up so we can be ready for the release of ZyuohTheWorlds’s cube set and the upcoming EX recolor cube animals.

We don’t have many new collectibles in the air (yet), but are currently waiting on some earlier-cycle toys to land. With the release cycle warming back up again, we should have some more action on the toy front in coming weeks. As I write this post, we’re enroute to some local toy stores that occasionally gets the odd S.H. Figuarts or Sentai mecha in to see if we can score some random finds.

With that, I ask that you bear with us as the dust settles and we try to get a more regular post rhythm going. We’ve got some really exciting things planned, we’re just running a bit behind schedule. 

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