What’s new on 7.2?

Heya folks, Haruto here!

So it’s Freedom Weekend here in the good ol’ US of A and we’ve been enjoying some relaxing time off from our dayjobs and getting much needed recharge time in. Last week saw the release of Zyuoh Cubes 7, 8, and 9 which combine to form Tousai ZyuOh. Once the upcoming Cube Animal, Cube Weapon Kumori (bat) is released all 13 cubes can combine to form Wild Tousai King. In addition to this incredible mecha release, we have a new release in the Kamen Rider Ghost Change action figure series – Mugen Damashii. Just like the Kamen Rider Necrom and Deep Specter figures, Mugen Damashii doesn’t come equipped with any new weapons… but boy, does it look amazing! Last but not least, the soft vinyl Zyuohgher Instincts Awakened figures were released and cost approximately $10USD a piece + shipping.

No new DX eyecons have dropped, however the Columbus and Florence Nightingale gashapon eyecons started popping up once again – looks like CS Toys has sold out of Nightingale, but there’s hope if you haven’t grabbed your Columbus. If you’re looking to get your hands on a Nightingale eyecon, eBay looks to be the best bet at this time. While not featured in the show, these eyecons do have action sounds when placed in the DX Ghost Driver and are can be claimed in the Kamen Rider Ganbaride game. Worth mentioning is that both of these eyecons will have their DX appearance with the October Bandai Premium release of Kamen Rider’s GanGun Catcher. The weapon looks to be a variation on Specter’s Gan Gun Hand with an eyecon slot where Cobra Keitai attaches.

We’re currently waiting for our Tousai ZyuOh and Ghost Change Mugen Damashii to land from CSToys International and will get photos posted as soon as possible once they arrive. No major toy releases are slated for this week, however July is just beginning! Coming up soon will be the last of the currently screen-featured Damashii Ghost Change parkas in set PB-01 which includes Newton Damashii, Himiko Damashii, and will also come with a stand-supported miniature of our favorite little jerk, Yurusen! We haven’t yet secured one of these sets via pre-order, but we’re confident we’ll find one upon release.

Ghost is fast approaching Episode 40 with E38 airing this week and Zyuohger E20 is upon us. Summer movies are releasing soon for both series, although we don’t have the finer details of their plots just yet (sorry, bad reporting on our part).

Speculation is still flying around the upcoming Kamen Rider Series, Ex-AID. We’d originally heard rumor that it was to be ambulance or emergency themed, however this doesn’t look to actually be the case based on new registrations filed in Japan. Henshin will be achieved using the GamerDriver, and the series seems to be shaping up as game themed. Check out this article over at JEFusion to read more about the latest rumors and speculation. I was personally pretty intrigued by the rumor of the emergency/ambulance theme, though I’m not really sure how I feel about the rumored costume design or game theme. We’ll see – I’m notoriously skeptical, but have a bad habit of falling in love with every series at some point.

That’s all we’ve got for you right now folks, but the day is still young and the weekend still long. Wherever you are, if you’re celebrating this weekend we hope it’s a safe and enjoyable one!

Haruto Update: We originally reported the upcoming Cube Komori as Zyuoh Cube 0. As it turns out, we misread the original scans and mixed Cube Komori up with Cube Condor, the actual Zyuhoh Cube 0. 

Cube Komori is the new Cube Weapon to compliment Tousai Zyuoh and complete Wild Tousai King. Cube Condor will be featured in the Zyuohger summer film and combines with Cube Elephant and Cube Tiger to form Doubutsu Gattai CondorWild. Sorry for any confusion – we’ve updated our article to contain the correct information.