It’s Showtime! 8.8

Heya folks, been a while! Sorry for the extended absence – real life has been hectic for us here lately. Hopefully things will be calming down soon and we’ll be back to a regular routine.

Lot’s of happenings in the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai world, both on-air and off.  Kamen Rider Ghost draws to a close as we round to the final 8 episodes. It’s been an amazing ride, and one I can honestly say I never expected we’d enjoy this much. We can’t wait to see how it ends, but are much less excited for the upcoming Kamen Rider series, Ex-Aid. We’ve been following the developing news and image leaks pretty closely, and are I’m just having a really hard time getting into the costume designs. I enjoy the prospects of a video game premise, and am hopeful that it well sell me more on the designs.

We’ve included some shots of the upcoming designs:

Ex-AidEx-Aid GamerDriver AlternateEx-Aid Gamer DriverEx-Aid 1

Image credit: JEFusion, Kamen Rider Wiki, TokuNation

The Kamen Rider Ghost and Zyuohger SUMMER MOVIES HAVE LANDED! As of 8.6 these films are now airing for Japanese viewers, alongside them coming the release of the Summer Movie Exclusive toys! From the Zyuohger film Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic we have Cube 0, Cube Condor to look forward to. This DX zyuoh Cube is a recolor of ZyuohEagle and will combine with Cube 4 Tiger and Cube 5 Elephant to form Condor Wild, an all new cube formation!

Later this month we’ll see the release of ZyuohBird’s companion animals, Cube Fukurou (Owl), Cube Shima-Uma (Zebra), Cube Kamonohashi (Platypus), and Cube Hyou (Puma). This set is a recolor of the existing cube companions, Cube Komori, Cube Kirin, Cube Mogur, and Cube Kuma respectively. Head on over to the CSToys Coming Soon page to see some pictures of these upcoming releases. Normally I’m not a huge fan of re-releases and recolors, but I’m strangely okay with this one.

Coming this fall we’ll see the carrier formation for Zyuohger with Cube 10, Cube Whale. Scans of this toy show that it combines with all of the currently-available DX Cubes (1-9 and companions), but it doesn’t look like ZyuohBird’s companion cubes are intended to combine as part of the formation.

DX ZyuohWhale

Image Credit: RangerBoard

Last but not least this week we have the Kamen Rider Ghost eyecon set featured exclusively in the summer film Kamen Rider Ghost the Movie: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Fateful Moment. Based on the previews we’ve seen, it looks like this movie will feature far more than just the three exclusive eyecons from this set Dark Ghost, Napoleon Bonaparte, and [Charles] Darwin. We’ll also be seeing the introduction of Makoto’s father as Kamen Rider Zero Specter; it was hinted at during the 4 episode mini-drama that aired in the weeks leading up to the film’s release that we’ll at least see some of the physical eyecons that we’ve only seen in gashapon or event releases such as Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare – it’s yet unclear if we’ll see the associated Damashii in action at any point in the film.

Though the release doesn’t coincide with the film, pre-orders have opened for the movie-exclusive Damashii Ghost Change Series figures. GCPB02 will be, as the number suggests, a Premium Bandai exclusive. This means that if you can’t secure a pre-order through your favorite international toy stores, you’ll be hitting up your favorite middleman or personal shopping service to have one make it your way. This set is slated for a January 2017 release, and you can check it out here.

Worth mentioning was that with the release of the Kamen Rider Ghost movie was a special limited release Zero Specter eyecon. This eyecon appears to have been a ticket pre-purchase bonus, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous you can snatch up your very own over on eBay for around $70-75USD.

Have no fear, though! Our movie sets are in the air from CSToys and we should have some photos up in the gallery sometime next week (assuming logistics work in our favor, that is) for your perusal. In addition to these great additions, we’ve also scored a few prior-generation Sentai and Rider items that we’ve been eyeballing for a while. We like to let our used finds be a surprise, so stay tuned to the photo gallery for what’s to come!

This was a big update, and if you’ve made it this far with me, thanks for sticking it out – it’s all that we’ve got to report for now (we think)!

Stay tuned for more news. Until next time, friends!