It’s Showtime! 9.11

Greetings once again, friends!

What’s new since our last update? Well, first and foremost – Kamen Rider Ghost is winding down into its last 3 episodes. The 50th and final episode is set to air on 9/25 with Ex-Aid to premiere the following week on 10/2. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the TV-Asahi promotional trailer for Ex-Aid:

If you’re still with us after watching the trailer, I’ll say that seeing a bit more of the team in action has most certainly warmed me to the idea of Ex-Aid. I’m still not expecting to follow the toy releases for this series quite as closely as past series, but I’ve got an open mind. At this point the only reservation I have is the Level 1 SD forms that appear to precede their full rider forms; if this gimmick sees a lot of reliance, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

We’ve been quite busy over at our Facebook space over the past month putting up some much higher resolution and generally better photos of our toy collections. If you haven’t already visited, check us out and give us a like at

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger has just aired its 28th episode which features the return of our favorite space pirates, the Gokaiger team! This episode marks the 2000th episode of Super Sentai. We all know how Toei loves their anniversaries, and in typical Toei/Bandai fashion, images have already surfaced teasing a Gokaiger key set commemorating this huge event. It’s delightful to see a 5 year old henshin gimmick still alive and relevant  in the eyes of its parents (I know my DX Mobirate is standing at the ready for me to secure a set of my own).

Even more exciting is the arrival of ZyuohWhale! We previously reported that ZyuohWhale looked to be a seventh sentai, however our newest issue of Televikun magazine shows that ZyuohWhale will be yet another form change for ZyuohEagle bringing his total to three; this puts him on the same playing field as ZyuohTheWorld and we’re excited to see how this affects the direction of the team.

Toy releases have been a bit slow over the past month. We haven’t had any new arrivals since we received the Ghost and Zyuohgher movie exclusives, but that doesn’t mean that new goodies haven’t become available! As of today the DX Whale Change Gun is available for purchase if Super Sentai role play toys are your thing, but don’t forget your ZyuohWhale soft vinyl figure to go with it! Recent weeks have been fairly quiet on the Ghost toy front, however we did see the release of the Toucon Boost SH Figuart – this Ghost power-up form can be yours for anywhere between $38-60USD depending on how quickly you want it in your collection. Have no fear, though! With Ghost drawing to a close we’ll start seeing a new wave of Kamen Rider goodies becoming available throughout the back half of 2016. If you’re into SH Figuarts, look to your favorite middle man to find a pre-order spot to get your hands on the upcoming Deep Specter figurine – be prepared though, this toy packs a wallop of a punch to your wallet at a (approximately) $125USD pricepoint… ouch.

If Cube Animals get you riled up, don’t forget to pick up your EX Cube Hou / Cube Fukurou and EX Cube Shimauma / Kamonohashi sets. These are the recolored cube weapon animals we’ve been telling you about, and both sets can be yours for right around $60USD. Coming soon will be the DX Cube Whale carrier mecha! Looks like this piece will clock in right around $100USD and will combine with all 13 cubes that currently make up Wild Tousai King to make up the team’s carrier formation.

We don’t generally report on Might Morphin’ Power Rangers stuff, but Power Morphicon 2016 has wrapped up and we can’t not tell you a bit about it. There are some sweet new additions coming soon to the Might Morphin Power Rangers Legacy line of toys that made their debut at PMC. In addition to the upcoming Legacy Ninja Megazord, we can also look forward to a Legacy Red Ranger helmet (rumor has it to be wearable) and a Legacy Tyranno Saber. We haven’t been able to locate any pricing rumors on the Tyranno Saber, however currently has the Legacy Ninja Megazord and Legacy Red Ranger Helmet at a $99 price-point and both items are still available for pre-order at the time of this writing. While we aren’t super pumped for the Red Ranger goodies (Haruto was always more of a Burai / Dragon Ranger fan), we are super excited for the Legacy Ninja Megazord since adding a Bandai Japan Kakure Daishogun to our collection has been super cost prohibitive.

If you’re curious, images have also surfaced of the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line (for those still unaware, this will be the US adaptation of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger). Needless to say, we’re entirely unimpressed with yet another transition to the US market. The action figures are lackluster and the role-play weapons have entirely unnecessary design and functionality modifications made to them. We haven’t handled them in person, however I feel pretty confident in saying that we’ll be taking a hard pass on adding any of the Ninja Steel goodies to our collections.

Finally, Haruto is hard at work to bring our high-res collection photos to the website as well as Facebook. Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime you can follow our album progress on Facebook if you aren’t already.

Oh, and don’t forget! Ohranger will be available on DVD in the states on 11/1 thanks to the guys at Shout Factory. Pre-order it here.


Until next time, friends!