A Fond Farewell, A Shining New Beginning… and probably some miscellany!

Hey again, folks! Haruto reporting in after some radio silence. I haven’t been very good at publishing news on the site, but I’ve been trying to remain active over on Facebook and Instagram on a more regular basis. We’ve got some studio photos up on Facebook that I haven’t quite gotten around to hosting on the site just yet, so give us a look and throw us a like over at Facebook.com/henshinheroesdotcom to stay up to date with what we’re up to.

We said sayonara to Ghost and friends at the end of September. As Kamen Rider goes, Ghost was far from my favorite series, but I found the everything about the series to be incredibly satisfying. Short of some stumbling in the first few episodes, I can’t really think of anything that I disliked about this season of Kamen Rider, it just didn’t really have the oomph to bump it to the top of my list. The characters had their ups and downs, and I will happily admit that Onari was nails on a chalkboard. My lovely wife seemed to find him amusing, but I just couldn’t get into his shtick. 

Though the story was predictable at points, Ghost threw us plenty of curveballs. I thoroughly enjoyed the progression of Alain’s story arc, and am very happy with where his story ended. Makoto’s story did disappoint me the most out of all of them, but somehow the writers managed to redeem it in the end. The costuming throughout the series was, in my opinion, superbly done and well coordinated. Wait – I take back what I wrote earlier; I said I didn’t dislike anything about this series – I absolutely, positively, could not stand the opening theme. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just found it abhorrent. 

–As I was saying; costuming was stellar in Ghost. Some of the overall story did, unfortunately, fall flat; but where it fell flat, it seemed to rebound pretty well and get me excited to keep watching. Though the series is over, I am looking forward to a subtitled release of the Ghost (and Zyuohger) summer movie so that I can get that feeling of “finality.”

As you likely remember, I had some very strong initial reservations about Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I can confidently say that at this point, those reservations are long gone. I’m still not quite sold on the Level 1 forms, but everything about this series just makes me happy; kind of reminds me of when I watched the first episode of Zyuohger. I especially like the early introduction of additional Riders, and I really can’t wait until we can sink our teeth into the meat of the Bugster threat. 

Zyuohger is coming along nicely with an absolutely incredible mid-season tribute marking the 2,000th episode of Super Sentai, and an outstanding transition into the introduction of Yamato’s third from ZyuohWhale! We’re not quite caught up to current on episodes, however what we’ve seen of ZyuohWhale and Cube Whale we are thrilled with.

Toy season is heating back up again with a whole new line of Kamen Rider Collectibles and the release of Cube Whale. We’ve been using the opportunity to let our wallets rest a bit, but do have most of what’s just been released either in the air or staging for photos. I was absolutely floored by the DX GamerDriver and how it works; pop over to our Instagram to check out some quick shots we’ve grabbed of it. We haven’t quite gotten our hands on Dodekai-oh (Cube Whale), however we’re hoping to have one secured within the next week or two. The Taddle Quest gashat from Ex-Aid should be landing in the next couple of days alongside some great used finds from Kamen Rider W. The first installment of the Ex-Aid action figure, LVUR1 landed this afternoon and we should have some photos up soon.

Stay tuned for some more in-depth discussion on each of these topics in the coming weeks. We’re excited for what’s to come and hope that you are, too!