What’s the Next Stage?!

What’s next for our masked heroes?!

We’ve just finished getting caught up on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, and the hype just won’t quit.

To stay spoiler-free, we’ll say this about Ex-Aid: If you haven’t gotten caught up to the closing of Chapter 2 – do it. We’re absolutely stunned by how the arc concluded, and we definitely weren’t expecting what happened. As Kamen Rider Paradox’s Gashat often asks, we too are left wondering, “What’s the next stage?!” And as someone with a knack for guessing the direction of his favorite shows, I can say with certainty that I was 100% wrong about what would happen in Ex-Aid and I can’t even begin to guess what direction the story may take moving forward.  Toy scans from the Q3 catalog suggest a possible dark twist for Poppy and the premier of Kamen Rider Chronicle. Since all that’s out there right now seems to be rumors, we’re choosing to remain skeptical until more is revealed.

Now that the Kyurangers have assembled their full team, it’s time for the real excitement to kick off. Unfortunately, episode 6 was mostly filler and if the series is to follow the standard Sentai tropes, I expect that we’ll continue to see relatively small plot impacts until around Episode 10 or 12. As expected, Bandai isn’t pulling any punches with the Kyutama gimmick and has continued to release a steady flow of DX, SG, and Gashapon options to keep our DX Seiza Blasters occupied. Initially I expected that we wouldn’t actually see all 88 constellations represented with Kyutama, but it’s looking more and more like I was wrong about that too.

Cruising through the Collectible Galaxy!

March has been a fairly quiet month for us on the collectibles front – we’ve been using the lull between the Kyuranger toy launch to let our wallet recuperate a bit and get caught up on real life. But, that doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten any new goodies in to showcase for all of you.

In fact, just the other day we received a pretty substantial shipment of new and used collectibles from our friends at Kotetsu Toys Japan that we’ll be working to take photos of everything for the gallery. We’ve gotten a just a couple of the more exciting finds posted already, and are hoping to get the rest handled soon. As of today, we’ve got the Mighty Maximum X and Doremifa Beat Poppi ver. gashats in the air alongside this week’s SG and Gashapon Kyutama releases – stay tuned for those to arrive in the next week or so.

Last but not least!

If you haven’t seen or heard about it already, check in with your favorite sub groups to see if you can snag a copy of the Ghost Summer Movie. A few different groups have finally released it, and the film did not disappoint. With as disappointing as some of the more recent Super Sentai and Kamen Rider films have been, it’s refreshing to see Toei getting things right again. Of note, I’ve also seen the Zyuohger Summer Movie floating around out there in the tokusphere, but haven’t yet had the chance to watch it.


Until next time, folks. Henshin!