Chances are, if you’re a frequent visitor at least, that you may be wondering a little bit about those of us behind Henshin Heroes.

Henshin Heroes is operated, maintained, and developed by Haruto. An avid anime fan and collector of various things for the past two decades, he developed his passion for tokusatsu after being exposed to it by a friend back in the early days of VHS fansubs. He received a tape of the first four episodes of Kamen Rider Ryuki and has been enthralled ever since. Back in those days toku wasn’t as readily accessible to most of us as it is today, so that was the last he saw of any subtitled episodesĀ for a while. Fast forward to 2007, digital fansubs were the norm and the rest is history. Haruto penned his nickname after our favorite Rider and series, Kamen Rider Wizard.

By day, Haruto works in the information technology sector. By night he’s Dad to the greatest kid in the world and can be found watching anime, tokusatsu, or scouring the internet for amazing toy deals. Occasionally, you’ll catch him sneaking an hour or two on his Xbox or catching up on his favorite American television series or movies.

Koyomi is our conscience, guest author, best friend, and sidekick. Joined at the hip with Haruto for the past 13 years, she spends her days as a business manager and nights being the best mother in the world. She shares Haruto’s passion for tokusatsu, anime, and collectibles. While she won’t admit it openly, she can also wipe the floor with just about anyone at Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart. She took up the pen nameĀ of Koyomi, because as she explains it, “Wherever Haruto was, Koyomi was there to make sure he didn’t get into it too deep!” In her free time, Koyomi can be found watching her favorite shows and movies or coloring the night away with a fancy coloring book.

We hope that you are enjoying our little slice of the internet, and it’s our sincere hope that you keep coming back to visit.


Haruto & Koyomi