Where to Buy

We love tokusatsu. We love toys. If you’re here, there’s a pretty good chance that you love these things, too! We remember how difficult it was to find reputable toy dealers for tokusatsu toys, so let our experience get you on the right path! Below we’ve listed some of our preferred retailers that we’ve personally had positive shopping experiences with when snatching up our favorite toku toys.


Kotetsu Toys Japan

Kotetsu Toys Japan 

We cannot speak highly enough for our friends at Kotetsu Toys Japan. We began doing business with them over a year ago via eBay and continue to be impressed with every purchase. We can say with sincerity that were it not for KTJ, we would be missing a great number of items from our display cases and likely would not have found them elsewhere for the same fair prices.

These fine folks have an absolutely stunning selection of pre-owned Kamen Rider and Super Sentai toys and often have a great selection of prior-generation items that are still new in a sealed box. Every used toy listing contains a photo gallery of the actual item you are purchasing including photos of any notable scratches, paint wear, or other damage that may be present on the toy. While their used toy assortment does vary with time, KTJ provides the option for you to make special requests to help complete your collection(s)! Even if they don’t have that used or prior-generation item you wanted, they’ve usually got a great selection of the latest major new releases to tide you over.

Customer service at KTJ is unparalleled and shipping is always incredibly prompt with fair and reasonable rates; they’ve got a weight-based shipping fee chart available and list the weight of each item on their product pages so there’s never any surprise as to what you’ll be paying to bring your goodies home. One of our favorite parts of dealing with Kotetsu Toys Japan is their responsiveness to inquiries via Facebook and their generally friendly and personable demeanor. Where other tokusatsu toy shops seem to ignore customer service inquiries or provide minimal / super-vague responses, that has never been our experience with KTJ.

If you’ve never purchased from KTJ before, we strongly encourage you to make them your first stop when you’re looking for the next toy – we give them nothing but the absolute highest recommendation, and that’s not a recommendation we give regularly or easily.


CSToys International

What can we say about CSToys? We love Mr. S and team, and they’ve always done right by us. Their passion for toys shows every week with their very consistent toy release schedule, radio show, and toy introductions. If it’s new to the market you can generally bet that with its release these fine folks will have a demonstration video available for your viewing pleasure. Pricing is very reasonable on (most) used toys they find, and rarer items seem priced competitively in comparison to other secondhand dealers stocking the same item. Every order placed gets a packing video uploaded to Youtube and a set of photos to Flickr so that you can see exactly what’s in your package and how they boxed it up – we can’t speak highly enough of this customer service. The folks at CSToys do a great job of making Bandai Premium exclusives available via pre-order, however you’ll need to familiarize yourself with their pre-order policies if that’s something that you’re into.


You might be thinking, “Really? Amazon?!”

Yes, really! Amazon! Many third party Amazon sellers from Japan are opting to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime warehousing which extends you the benefit of that super fast shipping!

We know what a drag it is to wait on stuff from Japan to arrive. Purchasing from Amazon can often be quicker if you’re not itching to snatch something upon release and are willing to wait on the item to make it’s way stateside to their warehouse system. We’ve had mixed results picking up toys from prior generations of Rider or Sentai – it seems to be a pretty common practice that items labeled “new” are in fact not new, but rather receive the title on the basis that the product is complete in the box.

Read the reviews of any seller very carefully before you purchase – I’ve yet to encounter any of our beloved collectibles being sold by Amazon, so their support options may be limited if you run into trouble; they’ve always taken good care of us when there’s been a problem, but your mileage may vary. We recommend being mindful of the prices you see here as well and checking them against retailers to ensure you’re not overpaying. It never hurts to check eBay as well if it’s a used item from Amazon just to be extra sure you’re not paying more than you should. It’s been our experience that most new items’ prices are inflated to include what the cost of shipping from Japan may have been, although this doesn’t seem to be the case as often on prior series toys.


eBay generally stands as our last resort when on the hunt for new or used toys. We usually only turn to eBay sellers when searching for items from series greater than 5 years old or when seeking a super exclusive item; finding used items in the condition you desire seems pretty hit-or-miss.

Be very careful when purchasing collectibles from eBay sellers, even if they have stellar feedback ratings. Always check a listing’s photos and always pay with PayPal to protect yourself. Sometimes you can come across some great pieces for amazing prices but more often than not you’ll be paying collector’s prices here. Be mindful of shipping fees – they stack up fast and sometimes aren’t quite what they should be.

Anime Jungle

Truth be told, we haven’t shopped with Anime Jungle in a few years. When we did, our orders arrived promptly and usually with some sort of added bonus (collectible cards, handwritten thank yous, etc.). Anime seems to be their primary focus, but a small selection of current-ish tokusatsu toys can be usually be found here.

Big Bad Toy Store

We’ve shopped at BBTS for the past ~5 years and have never been disappointed. They carry a huge selection of toys from all across the spectrum – anime, toku, American sci-fi, and more. The best luck we’ve had here with toy hauls has been with current and prior season toku toys and the MMPR Legacy line. We don’t purchase from BBTS often, but are always happy when we do.


We originally stumbled across Tokullectibles via eBay and eventually migrated to transacting via their Facebook store. Tokullectibles is located right here in the USA and is extremely responsive to messages. The man behind Tokullectibles has gone out of his way to provide top notch service on orders that we’ve placed and we’ve even been able to curate a number of exclusive releases from their pre-order/back-ordering process. Naturally, there is a delay in availability while the product is in transit from Japan to the USA upon its release; that said, shipping is always prompt upon their receipt of the product.  Generally, we receive our toys about 2 days after Tokullectibles receives them from their supplier.


A note about “Middleman” services:

If you are in the market for Bandai web exclusives such as the DX Yurusen or upcoming PB-01 Ghost Change set you’ll likely need to locate a middleman service. These items are not available for purchase through Bandai to customers outside of Japan.

Middleman services are run by individuals living in Japan who are able to purchase the item on your behalf and ship them to you. We have yet to utilize any of these services, but our research shows that many offering these services tend to charge more than MSRP for an item to account for their time and service (for instance, PB-01 has an MSRP of around $35USD + shipping, however the cheapest middleman we found with it still available wants approximately $65USD + shipping). If you’re willing to pay the extra cost, this isn’t a bad way to go for exclusives.

We at Henshin Heroes have shied away from these services due to the added costs and usually opt to wait for leftovers to make their way to Amazon  or other retailers. Since we have not used any of these services we’re unable to point you to a truly reputable source – you may need to do some legwork to find a supplier you are personally comfortable with.

What about “X” retailer? I buy from them all the time and they’re great! …But you don’t have them listed here.

It’s true that there are many other vendors in Japan and even some here in the US that offer these wonderful collectibles. That said, unless we’ve purchased from a retailer and are comfortable recommending them to others, you won’t find them in this list. If you’ve got an awesome store you’d like to see featured in this list, let us know! We’re always looking for great new sources for the toys we love.


|Please remember that your experience with these retailers may vary from ours. Henshin Heroes is in no way, shape, or form responsible if you experience difficulty with your purchases from any of these shops.|